COVID H.E.L.P. (Housing and Economic Loss Prevention)

/COVID H.E.L.P. (Housing and Economic Loss Prevention)
COVID H.E.L.P. (Housing and Economic Loss Prevention)2020-12-08T18:58:43-06:00

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused more than health problems.

The Pandemic has threatened the housing and economic security of many Illinois residents.

The legal aid community is ready to provide legal help on issues caused by COVID-19.

If you are in Illinois and experiencing:

  • Eviction
  • Foreclosure
  • Housing Issues (including rental assistance)
  • Employment Law
  • Unemployment
  • Consumer Debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • Probate (Wills, Estates and Guardianship)

Visit COVID HELP here.

COVID HELP is free, available online 24/7 and available to anyone in Illinois.

COVID HELP was created by a group legal aid programs throughout Illinois, including CARPLS Legal Aid, Illinois Legal Aid Online, Legal Aid Chicago, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance, Prairie State Legal Services, Westside Justice Center, and others. COVID HELP was funded through a generous grant of the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois.