A Statement From Our Executive Director

/A Statement From Our Executive Director
A Statement From Our Executive Director2020-06-03T13:47:41-05:00


Our communities are suffering. The tragic and horrific death of George Floyd serves as a stark reminder that racial inequity, civil rights violations, and unnecessary loss of human life continue to take place in our society. At CARPLS, we share feelings of outrage at these injustices and stand with those who demand that we must no longer accept the status quo.

For 27 years, we have been committed to battling injustice by helping with your legal problems and questions when you most need advice and answers. Today, our leadership and staff are working harder than ever to make sure our work drives change. In times of real crisis, having the right legal information makes a difference and we are proud to deliver that service. 

CARPLS will continue to be your advocate. 

Al Schwartz, CARPLS Executive Director